Thursday, August 10, 2006

Wing Hee Wong Had a Grocery Store in 1915

Wing Hee Wong owned a grocery store at 1233 McKinnie Street in Augusta, GA. He married Jam Lim. Their six children were: Thomas, Dorothy, Ruby, Robert, Margaret, and Charles.

Both are buried at Westover Cemetery, Augusta, Richmond County, GA.

Jam Lim Wong was the younger sister of Jam Shee Chan Woon Lum

Jam Lim was the wife of Wing Hee Wong. She arrived in the US December 24, 1915 in San Francisco, CA via the SS China. She was also born in Sun Tong Villlage, Jung Seng District,

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ruby Lum was the oldest child of Kum Yuen Lum & Jam Shee Chan Woon

Ruby Lum was born in San Francisco, CA. She married Ker Fun Wong December 1, 1930. She was a grocer and homemaker. She enjoyed baking, sewing, and going to the movies with their eleven grandchildren.

Photo left to right: Stephen Wong, Ralph Wong, Ruby Lum Wong, and Philip Wong

Jam Shee Chan Woon was born in Sun Tong Village, Jung Seng (Zeng Cheng) district, China. She came to the US in 1911 on the SS Siberia. Mrs. KY Lum was a grocer and housewife. She and her husband had two grocery stores.

Both Jam Shee Chan Woon and Kum Yuen Lum are buried at Westover Cemetery, Augusta, Richmond County, GA.

The Lums are from Sabel, Conghua City, China

Kum Yuen Lum worked at the Dominion Shoe Company in San Francisco, CA. He married Jam Shee Chan Woon. They moved to Augusta, GA and had a grocery store. Their eleven children were: Ruby, Mabel, Daisy, Helen, Pearl, June, Mildred, Lorraine, Frank, Arthur, and Walter.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Mr. and Mrs. KJ Chow & Mr. and Mrs. KF Wong Celebrate Mother's Day 1978

Anna Soo Hoo Chow was known as Mrs. KJ Chow and maternal grandmother to my cousins Gwen, Stan, and Jon Wong.

She and her husband had a grocery store at 1231 9th Street Augusta, GA.

Photo: Left to Right: Mr. K. J. Chow, Mrs. Anna Soo Hoo Chow, Mr. K. F. Wong and Mrs. Ruby Lum Wong
Anna Soo Hoo Chow was also buried at Westover Cemetery, Augusta, Richmond County, GA

Aunt Jane is buried at Westover Cemetery. The Chinese writing lists her name as Chow, Yip Chill and Uncle Stephen is Wong, Shu Ming.

Jane Chow was the wife of Stephen Wong

Jane Chow was the daughter of Mr. KJ Chow and Mrs. Anna Soo Hoo Chow. She had two brothers Edward Chow and Gerald Chow. At the University of GA, she earned a degree in mathematics and met her husband Stephen Wong.They had 3 children. Gwen, Stan, and Jon all have degrees from the University of GA.

Philip Wong was the oldest of the 3 sons

Uncle Philip was a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA. His degree was in Industrial Management. He sold insurance in CA briefly. When he married Elaine Dang, they moved to GA and Philip became manager of the KF Wong grocery store.

They had 5 children. Elizabeth, Russell, Roger, Edith, and Valerie Wong. Each child worked alongside their father and grandparents in the store. The youngest 3 children are also graduates of GA Tech. Elizabeth & Russell graduated from the University of Georgia in Athens, GA.

Philip Wong was a dutiful son, devoted husband, and caring father. He died defending his mother & their store during an armed robbery.

Uncle Philip is buried at Westover Cemetery, Augusta, Richmond county, GA. The Chinese writing lists his Chinese name as Wong, Shu Wai. It also lists Aunt Elaine's name as being Dang, Ling Jung

KF Wong grocery was established in the 1920s

Years ago, I asked my grandfather why he moved from San Francisco, CA to GA. He stated, "To start a grocery store." He was a grocer from 1927 to 1987.

KF Wong grocery is located at 1377 Wrightsboro Road in Augusta, GA. It was a family-owned business until the twenty-first century.

Ker Fun Wong was one of the founders of the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association and a member of First Baptist Church.

Photo credit: Augusta Chronicle-Herald newspaper

Saturday, June 03, 2006

KF & Ruby Wong had 3 sons: Philip, Ralph, and Stephen

All 3 sons were born in Augusta, GA. During their childhood, they worked in the family grocery store KF Wong grocery. Here is a family photo of the family from my grandfather's 69th birthday party. The party was at the Richmond Hotel in Augusta, GA.

Photo: 2nd row standing left to right; Ralph Shu Guy Wong, Philip Shu Wai Wong, Stephen Shu Ming Wong.
Seated: Ker Fun Wong & Ruby Lum Wong

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

My paternal grandparents are buried at Westover Cemetery in Augusta, GA. Above the surname Wong reads: Jung Seng, Dong Guan. Middle: Yao tian- Doong Fong branch. Left:
Wong Lum Choi Jung. Right: Wong Gue Fun. Translation by Helen Wong & family New Zealand.

My Maternal Grandmother is buried at Riverview Cemetery in Richmond, VA. Yuen Shee entered the US via Seattle, WA in October 1919. She and her husband Fook ran the Tom Sing laundry in Richmond, VA. At different times they had laundries in Tennessee, West Virginia, and another branch in Richmond, VA. Her brother, Paul Yuen, ran another laundry in Richmond, VA.

My maternal grandfather is buried next to her. Fook Woo was born in Canton, China, Toishan County, area 3 Heung Sai Nam Kong Heung, Sai Chak Heung, Wan Chau village. Fook Woo & Yuen Shee's children included: Sun Yook(Sammy), Cleo Yook, Mae Fong, Ling Yook, Hong Yook, Yooke Kwan, and Mae Lyne. He was a laundry owner. His hobbies included: going to movies, buying a new car every year, and cooking.


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